Reaction Paper About The Film Les Miserables

Music expresses that which can not be positioned into phrases and can’t stay silent. Les Misérables is a French historic novel by way of Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, that is taken into consideration one of the finest novels of the 19th century. Les Misérables is also known as The Miserable Ones. The tale starts in 1815 in Digne, additionally called Digne-les-Bains is a commune of France. The novel follows the lives and interactions of numerous characters, particularly the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his revel in of redemption. It is a humanitarian work that explores society’s mistreatment of the bad specifically ladies and emphasizes the redemptive powers of affection and compassion.

The film specializes in the life of Jean Valjean who became imprisoned because of stealing a bread for his sister, he additionally however broke his parole. Javert attempted to seek him. But Jean Valjean met a clergyman who gave him silvers to start a new existence & he have become the town’s mayor. A grisette named Fantine became very an awful lot in love with Félix, the men abandon her. Fantine have to draw on her own resources to care for her and Tholomyès’ daughter, Cosette. She leaves Cosette within the care of the Thénardiers, a corrupt innkeeper and his selfish, cruel wife. Fantine is unaware that they’re abusing her daughter. She is later fired from her process at Jean Valjean’s manufacturing facility, due to the discovery of her daughter, who become born out of wedlock. In desperation, Fantine sells her hair and two front teeth, and she resorts to prostitution to pay the Thénardiers. Fantine is slowly loss of life from an unspecified disorder Valjean stored Fantine & they went to the clinic until she died. Valjean adopted Cosette and that they went to Paris. Javert determined their region. One day, Marius saw Cosette within the park & they both fell in love at the beginning sight. Eponine is blindly in love with Marius. At Marius’ request, she finds Valjean and Cosette’s residence for him and regrettably leads him there. Marius watches the house for some days. He and Cosette then finally meet and claim their love for each other. Marius falls in with a group of radical students and fabric difficulties boom his unhappiness such as the Thénardiers’ eldest son Gavroche, who is a road urchin. Marius and his fellow college students nonetheless stand their ground and vow to fight for freedom and democracy. They discover that Javert is a spy, whilst the military launches its first attack in opposition to the scholars; Eponine throws herself in the front of a rifle to store Marius. Then Eponine dies in Marius’s fingers. Javert let cross Valjean to send Marius to his grandfather. Valjean arrives on the barricade and at once saves a person’s lifestyles. Marius recognizes Valjean at the beginning sight. When Gavroche goes outside the barricade to collect extra ammunition from the dead National Guardsmen, he’s shot by the troops. Then javert commits suicide by throwing his self into the seine. Marius slowly recovers from his injuries. As he and Cosette make wedding ceremony preparations. After the marriage, Valjean confesses to Marius that he’s an ex-convict. Marius attempts to save you Cosette to Valjean, but meanwhile Marius realized that Valjean shop his life. They hurry as much as Valjean, and arrive to discover Valjean near demise and are reconciled with him. Valjean tells Cosette her mom’s story and name. He dies content and is buried under in Père Lachaise Cemetery.

The movie confirmed how Women are handled way lower back then. Fantine being worn down, selling the entirety she has, relating to her lack of desire because of her choice to assist her infant, attaining a factor of desperation. Fantine also illustrates the plight of single moms. Fantine struggles to make ends meet to pay for Cossette who lives with the grasping and villanious Thenardiers, at the fee of her own fitness as she subsequently receives sick with tuberculosis. In the character of Fantine the author also suggests that that the general public of ladies does not “select” it but are compelled into it. Sexual slavery and oppression aren’t merely in records books. Women today face poverty, trafficking, home abuse, rape, attack.

At first, it’s far difficult to truely discover any of the characters on this novel. But the variety of characters and their moral standings is great, and to even completely parent out the concept manner of 1 character may want to take a lifetime of concept. The movie is so properly and I suppose that each person who will watch it’s going to honestly like it, I can feel all the emotion and worry as it passes through the minds of each of the characters. The film confirmed the unequal treatment of the government from the poor and it is based totally on their magnificence degree & how they battled for equality so we’d say that Les Miserables is a relatable film due to the fact even up to these days we’re still battling for equality, and of course how women have become depressing in the past due to the fact like equality, women are misjudged and some aren’t given a chance due to their fame in existence.